Jul 18, 2012

Day 44: Family Reunion Part 2

Sleep?  But this isn't my bedroom.  And I'm teething, can't you tell?

We were zombies after the first night.  We kept taking turns hanging out the room with one or both of the boys trying to get them to sleep and to sleep ourselves.  The time we spent with family was great.  The food was great.  The boys had a great time. 

Picture time.  This is how our weekend ended.  It was craziness.  Holly's family is like the paprazzi.

So, this really isn't her fault, obviously.  She doesn't know any different.  =)

Oh how blessed I am to have married into great friendships with Jacob's sisters. 
I love love love this girl.

AND, these two are an amazing Aunt and Uncle to my boys.

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  1. I think I counted more camera's than people in that reunion pic!