Jul 1, 2012

Day 38: Old Abilene Town

I have lived in Abilene for 5 years now...maybe longer.  There are a lot of things in this town I haven't done.  I'm not going to name them, because you might not believe me.  But, one of them was Old Abilene Town.  I'd driven through it, eaten at the Hitching Post and walked through the parts I could when it wasn't open.  That's it. 

We recently changed all that. 

While some of it was cute, and I do enjoy the history, if you want to do anything, it is SO EXPENSIVE.  Which explains why I was merely the photographer for this Stagecoach ride. 

We did get to witness the "shootout" demonstration.  Ell cuddled in really close and trembled throughout most of it.  And Gabe's cars that he plays with have been shooting one another an awful lot every since. 

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