May 31, 2012

Day 12: Finally Camping!

This is the one thing Jake wanted to do as soon as school was it and it got pushed back and pushed back.  We FINALLY got to go.  And it was truly perfect.  I don't think I'll ever forget this trip. 

Swimming in the lake, having such an isolated camping spot, the oriole that kept stopping by, picking and eating fresh mullberries from the tree by our site, getting really dirty, the big storm at night, having the boys take turns crawling into bed with us, sitting by the fire with Jake after they went to sleep.  P.E.R.F.E.C.T.  So good, in fact, we are doing it again this weekend.

The kiddie pool and buckets kept them occupied while we set up. 
Must remember this.

Always a great time when he's around.

Love this pic!

The awesome spider bite I got.

May 28, 2012

Day 11: Park visit number one: Clay Center

We want to visit a park a week this summer.  We kicked it off with Clay Center.  The plans was to meet some of our great friends at Tasty Pastry for some doughnuts, but it's Memorial Day, so there were no doughnuts.  We went to Wendy's instead.  Did you know their small coffee is only 25cents?

One of Gabe's BEST friends.

Loves his coffee!  Just kidding!

So we went to the Clay Center Zoo.  Free and fun.  But we opted for the new park, not the older one that is near the zoo.  The new park is AMAZING!

So glad they obviously asked a music teacher about this instrument. 
Pentatonic scale.  Much easier on our ears!

Handing my husband the camera was one of my best decisions of the day. 
He's the best photographer.

Look at my angel!
One important thing I forgot to mention:  It was so cool to watch Elliott turn around and go down steps backward without being told.  He's not the fastest at it, but he does it!  We have been working so hard on this!

Day Ten: Mud....enough said.

Sometimes, one picture can say it all.  Love the blue eyes.

Day Nine: Summer Food!

I love cooking in the summer.  Mostly because it doesn't involve as much cooking.  I love to cook, but when I can make good food with less effort and less clean up, it's definitely a win-win. 

Zippy BLT Wraps
(4 servings)

4 Whole Wheat Tortillas (obviously I used flour)
8 strips of bacon, cooked
1 avacado, sliced
1 tomato, sliced
4 leaves romaine lettuce
garlic powder

Spread mayo and salsa in tortilla, sprinkle with garlic, pepper and salt.  Layer lettuce, tomato slices, avadaco slices and bacon.  Roll up and enjoy!

May 26, 2012

Day Eight: ZOO!!!

Gabe keeps asking "Mommy, is it summer day?"  And now that I am saying "Yes" he says "Can we go to the Zoo?"  There is a whole list of things I have been promising him we'll do in the summer and he hasn't forgotten any of them. 

Gabe has been waiting for this day for so long!  It was nice and cool and nearly sprinkling all morning.  It was perfect because there weren't very many people there. 

First attempt at a pic together:

A bit better:

Day Seven: Outdoor Dining

Jacob built this deck last summer.  We hope to get as much use out of it as possible this summer.  Plus, I don't have to sweep the kitchen floor quite as often when we eat out here.

My boys:

We can always count on Gabe for a funny face.  Wonder where he gets that???

He's so cute when he wants to be.

May 24, 2012

Day Six: Demolition!

It's a little boy's dream.  Free entertainment right out our front window.  They are tearing up and rebuilding our street, sidewalks, drainage, water lines, etc all summer.  This was the pinnacle, so far:

Day Five: Wrestlemania!

Gabe LOVES this.  Ell does, too. 

Gabe says "matress" with three syllables.  "Mat-er-ess"

Day Four: Dance Party!!!

We had several MOPS mommies over for a meeting one morning this week, and Gabe and two friends got to play.  Nothing like a dance party with your buddies! 

(A little lengthly, but Gabe really breaks it down near the end.)

May 21, 2012

Day Three: Sprinkler Fun!

What can I say?  It's been unsually hot for Springtime, so we dropped $2 at Dollar General and the boys love it!  (Sometimes, Ell likes to go nakey, but we'll keep those pics to ourselves.)  Last time we did this, the boys made a hige mud puddle in the backyard.  Sprinkler time is always followed by bathtime.  =)

May 20, 2012

Day Two: Shopping on the Sidewalk

Fort Riley Yard Sales are a biannual event that I attend almost religiously.  If you have kids or are prego, it is the BEST place to get things you need: maternity or baby clothes, toys, strollers, swings, bouncers, etc.

And they have a lot of other things, too.  I forgot to pull out the camera (I've got to get better at this if I'm going to blog this stuff) at the actual sale, but here is the loot we got for a whopping $12 . 50:

Since we didn't spend near our budget (we were looking for 4T clothes), we hit up Cox Brother's BBQ on the way home.

We don't go out as a whole family to eat much these days, especially if it's not fast food, but we felt we could eat here reasonably.  And the food is so yummy.  I told Jake it's my favorite BBQ place now and he said "You can't decide it's your favorite just because you like the mac and cheese!"  But that mac and cheese WAS amazing!

May 19, 2012

72 Days of Summer: Day One

I am excited to chronicle our summer through this blog.  Maybe, it'll share some fun ideas for summer fun along the way.  Here we go:

Yesterday was officially the last day of school.  How did we celebrate?

One of Jacob's best friends from high school has just moved back to our town!  They have a 1 year old who is 9 days younger than our Ell.  Last night, we had pizza and helped them move into their new place. 

I know guys don't get as sentimental as girls do sometimes, but you can totally tell these three are happy to be back together.  Who would have thought those three little boys growing up together, playing in the woods and exploring together, getting dirty and making noise, would have a progeny of boys of their own doing the same thing?  Very cool.

Added bonus:  we wives really enjoy being friends, too.  Now the question is, which of us is going to have a girl first?

May 18, 2012

Skill Building

Skills I'm trying to teach my Kids:

1.  Elliott:  to eat with a spoon.  Here is documentation of our first try:

2.  Gabe:  To brush his teeth without swallowing toothpaste.  I have no idea how to make this happen.  Mommies???

3.  Gabe:  To pedal his trike.  He can do it, he's just not used to having to work to get around.  Crazy kid.

4.  Elliott:  Stairs.  He's as impatient to get down as I am to help him get this figured out.