Mar 21, 2011

Turning Point...

Deep Breath...

Things have been going a certain way for awhile now, and it was a certainly reasonable way for them to go.  We are allowed a period of living on survival mode whenever a big change has occurred in our lives. 

But it's time for something different.

The weather changed, and it makes me want to follow suit.  I am hoping to open up the windows and air out all of the areas of my life.  Out with the old dusty, musty air, and breathe in the new, warm, fresh LIFE that is springing forth all around me. 

Hopefully something lovely will blossom.  Christlike characteristics in my heart, a potty trained 2 year old, a slimmer me, a baby that sleeps, a wife and mommy that loves unconditionally and speaks gently, and a home that is welcoming, tidy, and peaceful to enter.

Idealistic?  Definitely.  But it sure feels nice.