Jul 1, 2012

Day 37: Jake's New Hobby

Jacob's school has recently begun a technology initiative that gives each teacher and student an ipad.  Jacob is a science teacher and is looking for apps he would use in the classroom.  Our favorite so far is called Project Noah.  I highly encourage you to check it out ~ it's SO COOL! 

The possibilities educationally are endless.  What we are enjoying is taking pictures of the leaves, bugs, and critters we come across and logging them on the site.  You enter the location, pic, and description of the organism and other people identify it, or just comment on it.  Here are just a few of our pics.  (Some are better than others.  We would LOVE to get a better camera.)

Jake's name on the site is: sciencemre.  Check out his stuff!  And let us know if you use it!

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