Apr 21, 2013

What a Weekend!

I knew it would be good when Grammie Holly asked us out to eat Chinese food Friday night.  The thing about going out to eat in Abilene is that you see people you know...and a lot of them.  People you don't see regularly, so it's a big social reunion.  And the food is yummy!  Oh...and Ell went in the potty while we were there.  Gabe wanted in on the action, so he announced "I need to poop!" loud enough for the whole place to hear!

Jacob got up early to hunt turkey in the morning.  Miraculously, the boys staying in bed until almost 7.  I was drinking coffee and playing on the ipad at 8am and Jacob walked in.  I said "I wasn't expecting you for awhile."  And he said "My season is over."  He had shot two birds with one shot!  I was sorry for him that his season was over, but he said it was something on the bucket list, so it was cool.

He spent the rest of the morning cleaning the birds, leaving the skin on.  We froze one and roasted the other.  DELICIOUS!  And, so high in protein and low calories.  I'm so pumped to have this in my freezer!  I made a big salad and put it on for dinner tonight.  So tasty!
So, in the afternoon, I got to go help my younger friend get ready for her junior prom.  This was such an honor.  She looked so pretty!
Jacob's dad called an asked us out to eat, same restaurant, but we're not complaining.  And then I went to watch Mikiah and the other kiddos walk in for prom.  Really fun to see everyone.
Sunday morning was busy preparing some bread for the youth auction at church.  The sermon was so encouraging.  We love our church family.  We came home to eat the turkey (Gabe said "Thanks for shooting this, Dad!") and take a long Sunday nap.  The boys slept forever, so it was awesome!  I finally woke up Jacob and Gabe at 5:30. 
After dinner, I went for a great sunset run and it was the BEST RUN OF MY LIFE!  3.5 miles in 34 minutes.  Fastest pace, one of the longest distances...I am pumped!  I have to find a race to sign up for.  And some different shoes.  My feet keep falling asleep. 
The boys ended their day being read to by their Daddy, in a Boston accent.  Pretty entertaining.  =)
We are so, so, so blessed.

Apr 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

Here are some of the best pics of the weekend.  Lots to share:

Thursday night Easter Dinner with Grammie

Then, the multitude of family arrived!  I think we have finally maxed out this table.

Post meal wrestling match.  There are 8 boy cousins and 1 girl. 
You can see how this keeps happening.

Boys and farm toys.



Another even huger dinner gathering.  Yes, these people are all family. 
Here is the sweet girl cousin.


Getting ready for Resurrection Day Service

My beautiful family.  I am abundantly blessed to be an Engle.