Nov 9, 2012

Halloween and More Fall Memories

 Halloween:  I am not crafty.  So, I'm pretty pleased with how their costumes turned out.  Gabe has really enjoyed watching and reading the Disney story of Todd and Copper, the Fox and the Hound.  Also, Elliott loves dogs right now, so he loved getting to have doggy ears. 

We had a wonderful day on Halloween!  Gabe was SO PUMPED!  I kept telling him what we would do next, and he would say "But, THEN are we going to Lily's house?"

We started the day with Donuts.   This has been our routine when we go grocery shopping. 
(I am so weak for a donut.)  Gabe was pretty excited.



Then, we went to see Grammie at work.  She had some goodies for the boys and they sat right there on the curb to play with them.

And then, the culmination of the magical day occurred at our dear friends, the Gruens.  Amy and I dressed up this year, too.  Halloween is a BIG DEAL in their neighborhood. 
600 fundips were gone in under 2 hours.

It has been a very warm fall.  (80 degrees today!)  the boys have been playing in the back yard a lot.  I found this little guy watching the play.  Pretty cool.

We  have been hanging out at the cabin quite a bit.  This was the annual Hobo Stew party put on by Zion Church.  Wasn't the sky amazing?

Hayride.  Trying to keep our eyes open for the flash.

We bravely slept out at the cabin on a colder night.  There is a wood stove there.  Using the outhouse in the morning was a bit unpleasant.  We warmed up by taking a family jog up the hill to watch the sunrise.  Cold babies.

BIG BOY BED!  Expecting a tough week and lots of discipline, we put Elliott on a crib matress on the floor.  We started at nap time the day after we slept at the cabin.  Ell kept us up a lot of the night before, so he was pretty tired.  This would either work to our advantage or ruin it.  This pic was taken 5 minutes after we laid him in the big bed for the first time.

The night after went well and pretty much every night since.  However, Ell is an early riser.  We have had wake up calls between 5am and 5:30am about every morning since.  This is good for me, right?
Last pic:  taken this morning.  Shots this good don't happen much with these two squirrels.