Jul 18, 2012

Day 42: The Fourth of July!

Gabe and I have been learning about the flag.  We colored a flag and now whenever he sees one, he says "Look, Mommy, there's our favorite flag!"  and I say "That flag is for...."  And he says "America!"  He can tell you the colors of our flag and the shapes on it. 

Our fourth was pretty low key.  We got a few fireworks and Jacob and Gabe shot them off together.  At first, Gabe was SO afraid of the louder noises.  At one point, he ran from the backyard all the way into the house to find me, screaming and crying the whole way.  But, my innovative husband quickly found the perfect solution:

We went to the city park to check out the festivities, and were pretty underwhelmed.  It seemed that instead of sticking to the schedule that had been advertised EVERYWHERE, they did everything early because it was so hot.  So, we were too late.  Pretty much everyone was there, though.  We got a popsicle and used it to lead the boys back to the van.

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