Apr 25, 2011

Yes and No

Saying "No" is a talent my two-year-old possesses.  I call it a talent, because I don't know how many self-help classes/books/workshops I have experienced that have touched on practicing saying that word.  Now, mostly, Gabe uses it to rebel.  He isn't using it the way I should...

Most often, he only says it to do the opposite of what I say.  Consequently, reverse psychology is a gem these days.  If I want him to say "yes"  I simply tell him "that's a no."  And he asks "Is it yes?  I say yes."  I know this isn't the best parenting technique.  But sometimes, I just do it because it works. 

Even though I don't use "no" the way I should, I don't use "yes" effectively either.  I don't mean when it comes to Gabe.  (I already admitted how faulty I am in using it with him.)

It's true that we should all get better at saying "no".  I LOVE a project.  I love planning, budgeting, and sometimes even completing a project.  I get excited about the possibilities and all that I could add to it.  I am blinded to the committment and work it will require and I say "YES!!!"  Wrong answer, Em. 

But I want to say that these days, I have been experiencing a true NEED to say yes.  It's when people offer to help me.  It happens all the time.  "Can I hold Elliott for you for awhile so you can take a nap?"  "If you need anything, let me know."  "I'll do your dishes so you can rest."  "Just tell me what you need and I'll do it."  "Would you like to borrow my baby seat and see if keeps Elliott happy?"
And I say, "No, thank you."  "I'm Ok."  "We're making it for now, but maybe later." 
Take one step in my front door, see the MESS I am in, eat the last minute meals I have been feeding my husband, or listen to my to do list and you will know that the answer should be "Yes, Yes, YES!!!"

So, what am I up to today?  I said "Yes" when Grammie offered to keep both boys ALL DAY and I am cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry, cooking a GOOD dinner, and teaching piano lessons.  (And blogging...better get to work.)

Apr 21, 2011

Project: Success!

My house was a mess.  Like...the worst it's been in awhile.  I had to FILL my kitchen countertops with all of the dirty dishes to get them off of the table to do this project with Gabe.  But it was worth taking the time.  We had a great time making bird feeders together.

We had some pinecones we got at the park on Sunday afternoon.  I tied some strings to them.

Not sure how that string will hold up when the birds start tearing into these, but we'll see.  Next, we added some peanut butter! 

Messy!  Next came Gabe's favorite part.  I put some pretzels, almonds, and cereal in a big freezer bag and we used a hammer together to break the food into bird size pieces.

Finally, we rolled the pinecones in the food.  They looked kind of pretty, but even prettier tied on our tree.

 You should know that I haven't seen ONE bird on these.  But it has been dreary and rainy since we made them on Tuesday morning... I hung them where Gabe and I could see them while we eat our breakfast and lunch together each day.  Hopefully we can take some pretty bird pics to update you.  =)

Apr 14, 2011

Better Days

Look at my sweet boy and his Daddy:

Our weekends have been so fun lately.  Maybe having busier weeks with less time together is making our weekend time seem more precious.  And maybe we're over the hump with the toughest season with a new baby in the house.  We are sleeping a bit more.  I think we all look less tired, more relaxed, more joyful!

Even Ell is smiling!  We have almost caught it on camera.

Apr 1, 2011

Yesterday, as I was sitting through another rushed dinner with my family, I realized that I physically feel more relaxed and just better when my husband is home.  I know it's unrealistic that I could have him here all of the time, but I am sure missing him these days.  And our lives are so hectic!  And our kids are only still so small!  How is this happening to us?  I hope we can reassess and figure some things out. 

Still, our days are full of joy.  Elliott is 2 months old already. 

He is a FUSSY baby.  He hates being on his back, so it's hard to keep him happy when he is awake.  He sleeps a lot these days, which is a nice break from the crying.  And we sleep him on his tummy.  He's just so happy when he's on his tum.  I know we're breaking the rules.  I am bracing myself for a big lecture from my doctor on Monday, but until I know what's wrong with him, and why he hates his back so much, I'm going to try to just keep him happy.  Poor kiddo. 
He is sleeping much more at night now.  I'm only up twice and he eats and goes right back to sleep.  I do feel tired, but it's so much better than it was a week ago.  There is hope!

Gabe is awesome to be around these days.  Yesterday, we invented a new song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pig".  He laughs uncontrollably when we sing it.  And this morning, I handed him a wooden spoon to play with and he says "I go get fiddle" and he gets his guitar, but pretends to bow it with the spoon.  I don't know where he has seen this.  Pretty creative.
I am anxious to get outside with them after nap time and walk.  Maybe we'll go check out track practice and see what that handsome pole vault coach is up to!  Also, I get to get my hair cut this afternoon.  What a treat!