Jul 1, 2012

Day 35: Cupcakes!

The mere mention of cupcakes sends Gabe into songs of Joy and jumps of excitement.  As we were making the cake part, Gabe was helping me pour in ingredients and I explained how most of these cupcakes were going to Aunt Shannon's baby shower, but there would be a few left.  The plan was to make the cake part one day, then ice them the morning of the shower.   So, Gabe could have a cupcake the next day when they were all done.  I think he missed the part about tomorrow and only heard the word "frosting" because he immediately burst forth in singing "God our Father, once again, we are here to thank You, Amen."  Sweet song of a thankful heart.

So, as we're frosting them, I hear, "Can I eat a cupcake?" every 23 seconds.  So I explained again, these are for the shower, when I get them all done, you can eat one."

"Oh, Mommy, that's so sad!"

I think he got over it.

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