Jan 29, 2010

Sorry, Grandmas!

I feel bad that I'm not updating, for the Grandmas.  But I know I'll be glad someday that I've updated this, too. 

Gabe is a JOY!  He's walking everywhere, into everything, noisy and FUN!  He loves music and he learned a song.  We got this Baby Beluga book at the library.  It's a song, so I sing the book to him.  He carries it around the house singing, and he gets the first two notes right.  "Mi-Do" on the "Ba-by".  It's the first song he seems to remember. 

We went to watch Daddy coach basketball last night.  Gabe watches the boys and puts his hands in the air and yells "Ball!".  And at time out, I pointed out Jacob and he kept saying "Dad!  Dad!".  He also kept saying "Hi!" to the little junior high girls sitting near us. 

I think tooth #7 is on the way, which means #8 isn't far behind. 

Here's a pic I took yesterday...and some I found from earlier I hadn't put on the computer yet: