Oct 14, 2010

Update on my list:
1. See my grandma again.  I'm not sure this is going to happen.

2. Bake something with pumpkin in it.  I will make pumpkin something for dessert on Sunday.
3. Teach Gabe to ID the color orange.  We're kinda hit and miss at this point.
4. Carve a pumpkin, for sure.  Ooh.  I bought one.  It's on my porch.
5. Increase my prayer life.
6. Clean the house thoroughly once a week.  Fail.
7. See Shannon get married!  This happens on Oct. 30!
8. Organize all the recipes I've cut out of magazines.
9. Sell our house!?  Probaby just wishful thinking.
10. Read a book about gardening.  Got Gardening for Dummies at the library and started it.
11. Burn candles at least once a day.   I guess it's too late to really do this one.  But I have been burning the more..  Maybe I'll just scratch it out, then.
12. Sit by the fire in the backyard once every weekend.  Once, that's it.
13. Try some new bean recipes.  I found out where I can get some more.
14. Finish all the little paint touch ups in my house.  Haven't even touched this one.
15. Take stuff from the garage out back to the dump.  Nope.  But we are having a garage sale Saturday.  This will get rid of some of it, I think.
16. Get Gabe to tell me when he wants to go potty. (I think I'm dreaming.)  Gabe is getting better at this, and it's happened a time or two.
17. Have 2 couples over for dinner.  Better get this on the calendar!
18. Watch a K-state game live on TV.
19. Go for a walk at least 2x a week.  Nope, not at all!
20. Start Christmas music with my piano students.
21. Buy a couch!
22. Get a new Dr. for Gabe and schedule his 2 year check up  I can do this tomorrow.
23. Encourage people around me more.
24. Get a cute haircut.  I'll make an appointment tomorrow.
25. Read Bringing Up Boys  Started it.  I think it will take awhile, because Jake and I are reading it together and we usually read on longer car trips.
26. Read the new Francine Rivers book.  I'm 2nd on the list when it comes to the library.
27. Take Jacob to the new hunter's store in town. (Just discovered it today.)
28. Find new ways to use cereal.
29. Cook an awesome breakfast on Sunday mornings.
30. Find the perfect birthday present for my dad. (Already have my mom's ready.)  No idea.  Any suggestions, anyone?
31. Read my bible twice as much as I have been.  Not really...but I'm not doing that badly.

So...I feel like I've been really busy and working hard.  It's amazing how much work I can do in one day and not have much to show for it.  Story of a stay at home mommy, I guess. 
Here is my new favorite pic!

And a couple more:

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