Oct 2, 2010


I know it's only Oct. 2nd, but I have already done a few things on my list!

Yesterday, Oct 1, I:

11.  Burned a candle
12.  Sat by the fire with Jacob and Gabriel.  We saw 5 satellites in the sky!
19.  Took 2 walks!
27.  Tried to take Jake to the store, but it was closed when we got there.

And TODAY... I bought a couch!!!  We have waited so long and were ready to spend some $ and I found one in GREAT condition at the Fort Riley Garage sales for $50!!!  It's like, the Lord just blessed us with a couch!  We are sitting on it now...together!  Two of us on the same piece of furniture.  It's brown and so comfy!  Oh, and I think all the garage sale-ing counts as walking, too! 

Sigh.  What a great day!

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