Oct 5, 2010


It is cold in my house.  I kinda like it, but I washed the blankets last night and they're not dry yet!  Pulled out my trusty robe instead.

My original purpose for this blog was to record what Gabe is doing so I won't forget someday.  It's kind of taken a turn off course, but I don't mind so much.  So, Gabe is talking all the time.  Sometimes, he gets a whole sentence out, like, "I want up" or "Please ride bike."  He picks up a new word about every other day.  Last night he dropped something and said "shoot."  Not sure I wanted him to pick that one up, but Jake said it was no big deal.
He loves to eat goldfish crackers, raisins, still broccoli and any kind of meat.  Oh and peanut butter toast. 
He is OBSESSED with tractors.  He asks every day to go see Papa and ride the tractors.  He is busy right now playing in his room.  He prefers to have the door shut.
We have been singing "This Little Light of Mine" and he's picked up the parts he is supposed to do.  He blows on my finger when we sing "Don't let Satan blow it out"  And he shouts "NO!" when I sing "Hide it under a bushel"  And then he says "bush" because that 's his favorite verse, so we do that one a minimum of 3 times.  Then I sing "Let is shine till" and Gabe says "Jesus" and I finish with "comes.  I'm gonna let it shine."  It makes for a nice duet.  We caught it on camera the other night.  I'm glad we did.
Jake introduced him to the trombone last night.  Gabe was facinated.  He even made a nice buzz and got the horn to make some noise himself.  But mostly he sang into it like a microphone.
Oh!  And he has just started saying his own name and identifying himself in the mirror or in pictures.  He calls himself "Wabe".
He is a joy.  I pray every day that the Lord will give him an obedient heart.  We are doing our best to train him to obey, but we really don't know what we're doing.  God can make his heart sweet, though.

And finally, my list:
25.  Jake and I got in nearly 2 chapters of Bringing Up Boys
26.  I asked the library about the Francine Rivers book and they put me on the list.  I am #2 to read it!
5,31.  These are tougher to measure, I guess, but I feel they have become a priority the last few days.  I am enjoying this very much.

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