Sep 27, 2010

Out of proportion.

While it seems that God is pouring out His blessings in my life, I am struggling to give Him the attention He deserves.  He is truly showing me that He operates on a system of Grace.  Because it is obvious to me that I am not earning His blessings.  There is a long list of things I should be doing, and normally, that makes me feel pretty down on myself and sheepish in approaching the Lord with anything.  Yet, I see Him loving me, providing for me, and filling my life with things that give me joy, so how can I wonder if He is disappointed in me?  Or if he doesn't want to bless me because I ignore Him?

In my heart, I am praising Him because of all He is doing in my life.  Yet, on a daily basis, I know I could acknowledge Him more and more, because this is what He is worthy of. 

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  1. I love this! I am so right there with you friend. Thanks for sharing. Sure do love you and am SO grateful for your friendship.