Sep 6, 2010

Mothers, be good to your daughters, too...

I don't have a daughter...yet.  We are hoping the child in my tummy is a girl, so we'll have one of each.

My grandma is in the hospital.  I saw her yesterday and I am still upset that I had to leave.  Was that my last visit with her?  Half an hour?  I put chapstick on her lips and helped her get a drink of water.  And I got Gabe to kiss her face.  I wanted to do more.

My mom has cancer.  This was my time to see her without her hair.  She wasn't feeling well because of her recent chemo treatment.  Her prognosis is good, but I know she's having thoughts about her own life, wondering how much longer she has, how many more times she'll see her grandson...I would be if I were in her shoes.

So, I'm thinking of how I will remember my grandma and my mom.  And I am thinking of how I want my children to remember me.  As much as I have control over it, I want to remember to leave a lasting impression on them that will give them a fondness for me and not a sense frustration or bitterness.  It seems like no matter what kind of parents anyone has, there are hurts from their relationship in the past.  How do I minimize those? 

I got to see my mom's husband's mother this weekend, too.  I heard about how her kids had taken her out to eat more than once in the past week, given her a gate for her front porch so the grandkids didn't fall down the stair, and built a little bridge in her front yard so she doesn't stumble trying to step over the small creek that runs through it.  You can tell how much her children respect her and would do anything to help her.  They rise up again and again and call her blessed.

I have to much work to do in my life to be that kind of mother and grandmother.


  1. This post made me cry. I am blessed with an incredible mom and amazing grandma. I have fond memories of my Grandma Call, who went to be with Jesus when I was 4 and I had the rare privilege of having one heck of a great grandma for 23 years of my life. Em, I know that you are an awesome mom. I'm glad to know about #3. Much love friend.

  2. I love you Em! You're a great mommy and a great wife! How do you do all that at once??

  3. The best way I remember my father is how much he loved us. He showed us every day in the things he did for us, the good and christian examples that he set for us to follow, and by simply doing for us what he thought was best. There was no way for him to know in the end how what he did affected us and our lives. I would give anything to have him back again b/c he was such a positive and loving foundation. All he wanted was the best for us, and I think that's all you can your kids with all your heart and do what you think is truly best for them. Thinking of you Emily <3