Sep 23, 2010

He is too good to us!

Yesterday I went to see my mom in KC to sit with her through her Chemo treatment.  When I asked her what she had found out at her appointments, she told me that her MRI showed that her tumor was gone.  There was no longer "any measurable material" to show that a tumor was present.  So, yesterday was supposed to be her first of 3 more chemo treatments on a different kind of chemo that was supposed to make her sicker.  But her doctor decided to stick with the same type of chemo as before and make this her last treatment! 
Also, she will have surgery to remove both breasts in a month.  And then radiation.  Everything should be finished by the first of the year.  We were all so glad to hear this!

In other news, my tummy is really growing.  Jacob and I have both gotten to enjoy feeling the baby move.

We are also seeing signs of the Lord's providence to us all around us in small ways.  Someone dropped off dinner the other night, Gabe got two brand new pair of shoes and a toddler bed give to us.  We are so, so blessed.  What can we do to worship the Great God in the way that He deserves?

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