Aug 19, 2012

Day 72: Friends!

Some of our sweetest friends came to play! 
The three on the right belong to some good friends of ours; friends through college and now in Abilene!  Gabe was ecstatic to see them here when he woke up after his nap.

Jacob played with the 5 boys while I made spaghetti for us all.  It was an adventure.  I kept thinking, this could be use in a few years.  I mean, these are all very close together in age (the oldest two are twins!)  But it's possible the Lord could give me 5 boys!  Oh my!

Over dinner, Jacob told stories about his days living with their Dad in college.  Mostly about the wrestling matches they had.  I asked them who would win if they wrestled today.  They just didn't know.  =)

I love the pic above because Ell is looking around like, "Why does everyone have a sucker but me?"

The next morning, we had more fun with the same boys at the park.  Gabe had never ridden the tire swing before, so this was an awesome first ride:

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