Aug 12, 2012

Day 64: Turner for Treasurer

Last March, the GOVERNER of Missourri appointed my mother the new Treasurer of Ozark County.  She had the job until the end of the year, and she would have to win the election to keep it any longer.

Mom and John worked and worked at campaigning.  We hadn't seen her since Easter, because she was using her free time to knock on doors, attend events, and put up signs.  So, the boys and I packed up the van and drove 8 hours to be there when she heard the elections results.  (There were no democrats running, so she knew after the primaries if she had a job or not.)

We gathered at the courthouse on the square to await the results.  A man came out with results every 20 minutes or so, as they counted each precinct. 

The boys were troopers, staying up late and finding ways to entertain themselves.

And...she...WON!  Congratulations, Mom!

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