Aug 8, 2012

Day 55: Parade!

Mommy:  "Gabe, tonight, we are going to the fair and we will see the animals and the rides and have dinner with Papa!"
Gabe:  "But, first, we have to go to Lily's house and see a parade!"

This is one of the biggest events in Abilene all year long.  Everyone sits on the curb on Buckeye, or 3rd street for an hour of entertainment and free candy.  It really is great fun and we have the greatest friends to watch it with that live right on 3rd street.

All day long, you see people putting their chairs out and reserving a space on the parade route.  No one interferes with their things.  Then, we watch the parade and head to the fair!  It's the official start to the fair, the rodeo, and a week of fun in Abilene.

I love this last pic because these are some of my favorite people.  =)

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