Aug 12, 2012

Day 65: Oh, Elliott!

There is no pic for this, as it would not be appropriate.  However, you should know what happened in our house last night.

Ell (18 months old) goes running into the bathroom saying "I want potty!  Potty!"  And tries to climb on.  I figured I had a couple minutes, so I helped him get on the potty.  At first, nothing happened, but I could tell he was trying to poop.  I thought "No way."  And then he got wiggly so I took him down.

He immediately started squirming to climb back up.  So I put him on again, and he peed a ton, and then pooped a little.  That little stinker! 

We are NOT potty training Ell yet.  I started Gabe way too early, and I have been potty training him for 2 YEARS!  Ell seems to always have his own ideas about how things will go, and this is no different.

In related news, Gabe is really doing well.  Just in the last two weeks, he has started telling us he has to go, even at the pool and in church.  I am SO glad.  Most naps, he wakes up dry, but not during the night.  I'm totally ok with that.

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