Jun 8, 2012

Day 21: Swimming Pool

Ok, so this isn't just one day, but we'll let it be Day 21.  In fact, I'm not gonna lie, we haven't really been following perfectly day by day.  I'm ok with that.  Someday, I'm going to be so glad I did this this summer.

So, the Lord used some really great friends of ours to provide our pool pass for this summer.  I was saving up to buy it and they caught wind of it and just gifted it to us.  We were so blessed.  And the boys are loving it! 

Gabe is just a fish.  I mean, I think he was actually swimming today with his face in the water.  We have not taught him this.  Ell was walking around the kiddie pool today, smiling and splashing.  He even put his face in a time or two. 

Another funny story:  Gabe calls it the "Kitty Pool"  And we ask "The kiddie pool?" 

"No, Mommy, Kitty pool"

"Are there Kitties in there?"

"No.  That's Silly!  Just Kids!"

Since Jacob was there today, we tried to let Gabe go down the slide.  He has been asking me over and over to go down it.  It is a big slide.  I think once he got up there, he realized that.

So, down the steps we went.  He did like jumping in the deep end to Daddy, though. 

That Jacob Engle:  everything a Daddy should be.  I love him.

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