Jun 7, 2012

Day 18: Harvest!

Harvest is a big deal around here.  I knew NOTHING about Harvest until I got married.  Even when Jake explained it to me and sent picutres when we were apart, I didn't understand what a big deal it was.  It just looked like normal, everyday farm work to me. 

Now, I know that Harvest means lots of hours on the combine (lots of hours at home without Dado), lunch time phone calls home, four generations of Engle men around a family meal in the field, a little boy's anticipation of riding with Daddy in the combine, and the prayer, rush, and anticipation of a farmer's biggest payday of the year.

Gabe was in heaven.  Jacob let him work some of the levers in the combine.  They rode together for hours.  Gabe learned some of the most important lessons of harvesting as Jake described every function of the combine, what he was doing as he did it, and he even showed Gabe what to do when you have to "go" and you're in the field.  Best quote of the day:  "Are we going to harvest that poop?"  (TMI, sorry.)

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