May 20, 2012

Day Two: Shopping on the Sidewalk

Fort Riley Yard Sales are a biannual event that I attend almost religiously.  If you have kids or are prego, it is the BEST place to get things you need: maternity or baby clothes, toys, strollers, swings, bouncers, etc.

And they have a lot of other things, too.  I forgot to pull out the camera (I've got to get better at this if I'm going to blog this stuff) at the actual sale, but here is the loot we got for a whopping $12 . 50:

Since we didn't spend near our budget (we were looking for 4T clothes), we hit up Cox Brother's BBQ on the way home.

We don't go out as a whole family to eat much these days, especially if it's not fast food, but we felt we could eat here reasonably.  And the food is so yummy.  I told Jake it's my favorite BBQ place now and he said "You can't decide it's your favorite just because you like the mac and cheese!"  But that mac and cheese WAS amazing!


  1. I agree I love Cox Bros. I haven't had the mac & cheese but their bbq is soooo yummy! And I like the shirt you bought!

  2. I agree too!! We spent Sunday evening in Manhattan at a Graduation party catered by Cox Bros and it was DELICIOUS!! Glad to know the Mac & Cheese is top notch.... Ellie loved Mac & Cheese!!!