May 28, 2012

Day 11: Park visit number one: Clay Center

We want to visit a park a week this summer.  We kicked it off with Clay Center.  The plans was to meet some of our great friends at Tasty Pastry for some doughnuts, but it's Memorial Day, so there were no doughnuts.  We went to Wendy's instead.  Did you know their small coffee is only 25cents?

One of Gabe's BEST friends.

Loves his coffee!  Just kidding!

So we went to the Clay Center Zoo.  Free and fun.  But we opted for the new park, not the older one that is near the zoo.  The new park is AMAZING!

So glad they obviously asked a music teacher about this instrument. 
Pentatonic scale.  Much easier on our ears!

Handing my husband the camera was one of my best decisions of the day. 
He's the best photographer.

Look at my angel!
One important thing I forgot to mention:  It was so cool to watch Elliott turn around and go down steps backward without being told.  He's not the fastest at it, but he does it!  We have been working so hard on this!

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  1. Looks like you're having so much fun so far this summer!!