May 12, 2012


Kind of amazed at how these boys are changing lately. 

Elliott has changed so much in the last 2-3 weeks.  He's really turning into a toddler.  He is communicating pretty clearly.  I mean, he may not always use his words, or his signs, but you definitely won't miss what he wants!  He does a nice job signing "please" "more" and "all done".  He usually says "all done" while he's signing it.
He's REALLY good at finding food and bringing it to me so I'll let him eat it.  And eating is NO PROBLEM for Ell.  Normally, he eats a TON, but I think he's finally getting more teeth (#7 and #8) so he's been a little pickier lately. 
He's so much steadier on his feet than Gabe was.  Gabe seemed to have perpetual goose eggs on his forehead.  Ell just doesn't fall as much...yet.  He also doesn't cry much when he does fall.  He's too busy moving on to the next thing. 
I remember what I really don't like about this age is that they are in to EVERYTHING.  And Ell is pretty tall, so he can reach the tabletop, even the kitchen counters.  Sheesh.  When Gabe isn't awake, Ell is really hard to keep entertained, so he just goes around opening drawers and pulling stuff off of tables.  Drives me crazy....if that kid wasn't so cute...

Gabe is a talking machine.  I'm amazed at his ability to relay so many details when he tells stories now.  I think people think he's making stuff up, but he really remembers and can articulate all those things.  He also constantly is saying funny stuff. 
Jacob is trying to teach him to roast marshmallows, and he said "No thank you, I just want a clean white one, please."
"Mommy, you don't have any sense."
"Well, well, well....."
I wish I could remember more.  Oh yeah!  He was playing with his cars, and there's a continuous dialogue.  I hear one car say to another, "You dirty dog!" 

They are doing some major maintenance on our street this summer.  Gabe found the perfect spot to watch.  They are closing our street Monday to tear up everything and rebuild it.  Don't know where we'll put our for sale sign.  Please pray our house will sell.  Everytime I pray about it and ask God to PLEASE intervene and let it sell, I hear His small voice saying "Watch what I will do."  Ok...I'll wait for that.  

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