May 19, 2012

72 Days of Summer: Day One

I am excited to chronicle our summer through this blog.  Maybe, it'll share some fun ideas for summer fun along the way.  Here we go:

Yesterday was officially the last day of school.  How did we celebrate?

One of Jacob's best friends from high school has just moved back to our town!  They have a 1 year old who is 9 days younger than our Ell.  Last night, we had pizza and helped them move into their new place. 

I know guys don't get as sentimental as girls do sometimes, but you can totally tell these three are happy to be back together.  Who would have thought those three little boys growing up together, playing in the woods and exploring together, getting dirty and making noise, would have a progeny of boys of their own doing the same thing?  Very cool.

Added bonus:  we wives really enjoy being friends, too.  Now the question is, which of us is going to have a girl first?

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  1. Seriously, you need some girlieness in that picture!