Apr 1, 2011

Yesterday, as I was sitting through another rushed dinner with my family, I realized that I physically feel more relaxed and just better when my husband is home.  I know it's unrealistic that I could have him here all of the time, but I am sure missing him these days.  And our lives are so hectic!  And our kids are only still so small!  How is this happening to us?  I hope we can reassess and figure some things out. 

Still, our days are full of joy.  Elliott is 2 months old already. 

He is a FUSSY baby.  He hates being on his back, so it's hard to keep him happy when he is awake.  He sleeps a lot these days, which is a nice break from the crying.  And we sleep him on his tummy.  He's just so happy when he's on his tum.  I know we're breaking the rules.  I am bracing myself for a big lecture from my doctor on Monday, but until I know what's wrong with him, and why he hates his back so much, I'm going to try to just keep him happy.  Poor kiddo. 
He is sleeping much more at night now.  I'm only up twice and he eats and goes right back to sleep.  I do feel tired, but it's so much better than it was a week ago.  There is hope!

Gabe is awesome to be around these days.  Yesterday, we invented a new song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pig".  He laughs uncontrollably when we sing it.  And this morning, I handed him a wooden spoon to play with and he says "I go get fiddle" and he gets his guitar, but pretends to bow it with the spoon.  I don't know where he has seen this.  Pretty creative.
I am anxious to get outside with them after nap time and walk.  Maybe we'll go check out track practice and see what that handsome pole vault coach is up to!  Also, I get to get my hair cut this afternoon.  What a treat!


  1. Gabe looks like such a good big brother!! Hope that Elliott calms down soon :)

  2. What a fatso kid Elliott is! He gets that from his dad I guess. You're a good wife to love your family so well.