Apr 21, 2011

Project: Success!

My house was a mess.  Like...the worst it's been in awhile.  I had to FILL my kitchen countertops with all of the dirty dishes to get them off of the table to do this project with Gabe.  But it was worth taking the time.  We had a great time making bird feeders together.

We had some pinecones we got at the park on Sunday afternoon.  I tied some strings to them.

Not sure how that string will hold up when the birds start tearing into these, but we'll see.  Next, we added some peanut butter! 

Messy!  Next came Gabe's favorite part.  I put some pretzels, almonds, and cereal in a big freezer bag and we used a hammer together to break the food into bird size pieces.

Finally, we rolled the pinecones in the food.  They looked kind of pretty, but even prettier tied on our tree.

 You should know that I haven't seen ONE bird on these.  But it has been dreary and rainy since we made them on Tuesday morning... I hung them where Gabe and I could see them while we eat our breakfast and lunch together each day.  Hopefully we can take some pretty bird pics to update you.  =)


  1. How fun! Hope you can get some neat bird shots while they're feasting!

  2. Give a boy a hammer, you get big smiles! Such a fun idea. I love seeing "crafts" you can do that little boys love. I'm keeping a mental tally for when Landon gets bigger!!