Jan 6, 2011

A time to learn...

I didn't write down my New Year's Resolutions anywhere...but I do have some things on my mind.
1.  To get better about my quiet time with Jesus everyday.  I go through seasons of faithfulness, and then nothing for months.  And recently, it has been months of nothing.  So...I printed off a checklist.  I know that we always say time with the Lord shouldn't be something to check off a list, but I LOVE lists.  And checking things off.  So, if this is what works for me...I say it's better than months of nothing.

2.  No more soda.  So far, so good.  Yet, I am still craving it.  Pregnancy might make this worse.

3.  After I have the baby and recover, I will start running again.  My goal is to do the 5K in town that is offered with the Eisenhower Marathan at the end of April.  Lofty goal...the sooner baby gets here, the sooner I can get started.

4.  Work on some skill building with Gabe.  For example, this week, we have been working on IDing the primary colors.  He's really good at purple, pink, brown, black, green, and white.  And most of the time, he gets blue.  Red and yellow are challenging him.  So I actually wrote out 2 or 3 activities every week day for us to do together.  This is way fun for me... like lesson planning!  And I am already seeing progress in that little learner.  How fun for us both!  It's also a great way for the two of us to spend some quality one on one time together.

OK, I'll stop there.  I don't want to take on too much, as I only have about a month before this new little one shows up.  Life is already very busy for a season:  Jake is coaching 7th grade basketball.  It's a short season, so he'll be done at the end of February.  But this means I only see him in the mornings before school, and then after 6 in the evenings.  This is probably the norm for most families, but it's an adjustment for ours.  Our weekends are precious! 
Halfway through this season, he will start on his master's degree, which will be one full evening a week.  He'll have more homework to do the other evenings, lesson planning, leading worship at church, and helping me take care of this little one.  I will need to take good care of him to help him through his busy season, too.  We'll look forward to seeing each activity go away:  Newness of the baby, basketball season, school year, and in two years, he'll have his masters. 
I will HAVE to be in the word every day to keep my heart in a place where I can happily welcome him home and take care of things around here on my own everyday.  My need for the Lord's presence and grace in my life is ever increasing, it seems.  I don't guess I'd want to need Him any less...

Whew!  Apparently, I have a lot on my mind! 

Gabe is still a joy!  We are still working on potty training, but not as hard as I probably should be.  Some things just have to take a back seat.  He is singing a lot.  He knows a couple of songs pretty well and will sing them on his own while he plays.  This makes me very happy.  His best number is "The Wheels on the Bus".  He's pretty obsessed with cows, tractors, sheep, and anything farm related.  He also loves dinosaurs and blocks.  He plays imaginatively often and does different voices for the different animals, usually related to their size (baby voice for the small ones, low, growly voices for the big ones).

Enough from me.  God's blessings on anyone reading.  =)

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