Jan 14, 2011

Gabe has been so easy lately.  Very obedient and easy to get along with.  His language is really developing, so I think it helps that he can tell us what he wants and understand what we want from him.

I am 37 weeks today, considered full term.  But no progress yet.  Not that that's not ok.  I'm starting to feel the weight of this on me.  I mean, physically.  Emotionally, I'm definitely expereincing some changes, to the challenge of my husband, I'm sure.  I can't say I've done my part in running to Jesus with those things.  But He has been gracious to me anyway.

We had a huge snow Monday and Tuesday, and it's been very cold, so it hasn't melted yet.  Gabe really likes it.  I hope he gets some time to play in it with Dado this weekend.

I guess what's on my mind is that I need to strive to achieve the balance of the things I know I need to do and allow myself the rest I know I need as well.

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