Sep 14, 2013

Milford State Park

The State Park that is closest to where we are is Milford State Park, home of the largest lake in Kansas.  We spent a lot of time here this summer.  (And we might visit some more!)
We actually hadn't been in the State Park part of Milford Lake so our first time we took the boys swimming and drove around the park to check it out.  It was a very windy day, and the wind was blowing the water in waves right into the shore.  It was like being at the beach in Jacksonville, FL.  The waves were very big.  Gabe LOVED it.  We couldn't get him to stand up, he just kept diving into the waves.  Ell was more cautious, as usual.

As we were driving around, we found a friend and Gabe was eager to jump out and say hello.

On our next visit, we took the boys on a hike.  It was the longest hike they had been on so far and they did great.  It was shady most of the way and they didn't complain until the very end.

Jake and I tried a longer hike on a date night.  It was over 100 degrees and we went 6 miles.  I had been running consistently, but this made my leg muscles very sore.  Great date, but next time we'll wait for cooler weather.

We usually tent camp, but they have these tiny cabins you can rent so we tried it out.  This was such a fun time.  We would do it again!

We didn't technically do the boating at the state park, but this was such a blast!  Gabe skied with Daddy!  AND, he knee boarded alone.  Awesome!

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