Jun 15, 2013

Mushroom Rock State Park


Upon cleaning out the file cabinet, I found a brochure we picked up last summer on all of the State Parks in our great state (Kansas).  We decided to pack our summer full of fun trying to visit as many as possible.  We even bought the passport to put on our van when we renewed our tags, which gets us into any KS state park for a full year.
We planned a big three day trip just after school let out, visiting four parks and camp two nights in a row.  However, severe weather, specifically tornado season, thwarted out plans.  It turned into a day trip, checking out three of the parks for hiking and pictures.
We started with Mushroom Rock State Park.
The website describes it accurately, I just thought it would be bigger.  However, it was just perfect for our boys.  It was a great intro to hiking, staying on the trail, exploring, climbing, and even finding a couple critters on the trail!  Gabe said he saw a snake, but we're thinking it was just a lizard.  And a deer ran by during our picnic lunch.

Always time for a little snuggling.



We would definitely recommend stopping here if you are nearby.  It's certainly worth the visit, especially if you are planning to visit Kanopolis Lake.  It's just a few miles West of Kanopolis State Park (which has been our favorite, so far!)


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