Jun 15, 2013

Kanopolis State Park

Kanopolis State Park is our favorite so far.  There is so much to do there!  We have visited twice already, first just to hike, and then again to camp.
Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity.  Kanopolis has lots of trails for hiking, biking and horses.  We hiked the Buffalo Track Canyon Trail our first trip and the Wildlife Viewing Area Trail our second trip.  We did see a lot of critters, including this guy:
 The night we camped could not have been more beautiful.  We pitched our tent in a primitive area away from everything else, but we did drive to the playground, the prairie dog town, the wildlife viewing area, and the beach.  Everything was so well maintained.  Upon looking at the map, there is so much more to see and do.  We will certainly go back.


Gabe was so upset he couldn't catch a prairie dog and pick it up.

Gabe was yelling down the prairie dog hole and Ell got spooked.

Gabe says swimming is his favorite, better than toys and the rides at the fair.

Ell, on the other hand, won't get in past his ankles.  Not even at the pool yet.

He goes from crazy to crashed in seconds.

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