Mar 28, 2013


Monday night, we made the much anticipated trip to Wichita to see Jim Gaffigan perform.  We bought tickets a long time ago and the day had finally come!
 This pic makes me laugh because we took it in Panera...not at the show.  Those brownies were amazing.
This morning, we colored Easter Eggs.  Elliott can NOT say Easter.  Not even close.  I can't wait for everyone to try to figure out what he's talking about.  The boys were pumped!  Only 1 egg was damaged in the process.  Pretty good considering Ell just dropped them in the dye from about 5 inches above.  Awesome.
 These two were my favs.  Then, we went to the library and met some friends at the park.  The warm weather is finally here!  The boys are good and tired after playing outdoors more.  I have been running again and I'm loving it!  Everything just feels better.  Praise the Lord for new life!

*I forgot to mention (Kristen reminded me) that a lady who was at the park with the boy she watches asked Kristen and I if we had brought our Daycare to the park today.  We took it as a compliment. 

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