Mar 24, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

We got Ell finger paints for his birthday (beginning of February) and we finally broke them out.  For St. Patrick's Day, we worked on learning to identify the color green.  I think he's got it!
We planned to visit my Mom and we had to pass through KC to do that.  So, we took the boys to the T-Rex café at Legends.  We also got a hotel room so we could swim!
Aunt Rachel joined us for dinner.  We love her.
We had a nice visit in MO.  One of the restaurants we visited gave the boys cute hats for St. Patty's Day.
On our way home, Jake and I made big plans for our house.  We have been praying for so long about what to do: fix it up more, rent it, stay here at fix it up to live in...we haven't had a clear answer.  And everyone who looks at it says it's too small.  So, we made a plan (more on that later).  This week, we painted in about every room in the house, even the outside some and did some sprucing up in the bathroom.  We worked HARD and I really love the way it looks!  More major work to come.  I'll be sure to take pics!  We hope to get it on the market again soon!

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  1. I can't wait to see pics of the house!
    Looks like the boys had a blast at the T Rex restaurant. A mom with lots of boys definitely came up with the idea for that restaurant.