Sep 24, 2012

Monthly Menu Planning, Part 3

If you missed Part One and Part Two, here are the links.

Step 4: Make Your List

Go through each recipe and write down all of the NON-PERISHABLE ingredients.  I am sorry if this disappoints you, but I do not only go shopping once a month.  I do one HUGE trip at the beginning of my month, and then a smaller trip once a week after that.  More on that later.

For the first week, go ahead and write down every ingredient, but only the non-perishables for the other weeks of the month.

Don't forget to add any staples you are low on. 

Perhaps you have been wondering about side-dishes.  I do serve my family vegetables, don't worry.  I don't get very fancy with side dishes.  I just keep potatoes around, frozen veggies in the freezer, and I have a go-to biscuit recipe.  Sometimes, I do add a more specific side.  I'm just pretty no-nonsense and simple about a lot of things, and this is one of them. 

Here's my list for this month:

pork roast
soy sauce
cream of mushroom soup
egg noodles
graham crackers
marshmallow fluff
white sprinkles
bell pepper (2)
tortillas (3)
onion (at least 3)
stir fry frozen veggies
Italian dressing
chicken granules
spaghetti sauce (2)
mac and cheese
tomato sauce (approx. 40 oz)
sour cream (2)
mini marshmallows
cream of chicken soup
Mexican cheese
green chilies (2)
can of corn
hot dogs (2)
pretzel rods
dark chocolate chips
Parmesan cheese
olive oil spray
smoked sausage
diced tomato
bulk Italian sausage (1.5 lb)
cubed mozzarella cheese
shredded mozzarella cheese
basil (fresh)
ground beef ?
candy corn
hershey hugs
freezer bags
shower gel
sliced cheddar, provolone and colby jack cheese
frozen corn
frozen broccoli

I hope this is helping.  I put question marks next to the meats because I will only buy them on sale.  I won't buy them if they aren't on sale this week.  They can wait.

Each week, before I return to the store, I review the recipes for that week and write down any non-perishables I need.  I add any staples we are short on as well.  I also buy milk, bread, and fruit weekly. 

In Part 4, I'm going to explain where I shop to save the most money, coupons I use (there aren't many), and any other tips I can think of.  Please know that I welcome any questions, too.

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