Apr 27, 2012

Free Outdoor Fun

We are all about free.  We are so happy to be so close to the fish hatchery and nature center at Milford Lake.  It's free to go there and see all of these animals that are native to Kansas.  They have great walking trails through the woods near the lake.  It's educational, too!  

We also love to fish!!!  Gabe got to pick out his first very own fishing pole at Cabela's.  (He wanted the Barbie one, but Daddy drew the line.)  So, Gabe, the Spiderman fishing pole, and some night crawlers pulled in several blue gill at Papa John and Grandma BooBoo's pond.  He kept reminding us how good he is at fishing.  =)  You are SO good, Gabe!

1 comment:

  1. I literally laughed out loud when I read that he wanted the Barbie fishing pole. How hilarious!