Feb 26, 2011

You Know You're a New Mommy When...

...halfway through brushing your teeth you realize you're using your 2-year-old's toothbrush.

...you have never been more thankful for your parents.

...doing your hair and getting dressed in something besides sweats warrants a special occasion.

...drinking a glass of milk brings about a new emotion toward dairy cows:  deep gratitude.

...an uninterrupted shower is your 10 minutes of sanity each day.

...sleep...I don't even know what to say...

...you can't post a blog without at least 14 spelling errors.

...normally you can change a diaper in about 10 seconds, but in the middle of the night, you can hardly see straight, so it takes a good 3 minutes.

...if you don't count nursing as something on your to-do list, you wouldn't have crossed off a thing on most days.

...you've logged about 5 miles in the last 3 weeks pacing the floor in your house trying to quiet those middle of the night cries.

...you genuinely wish you could spend a couple hours tidying up your house.

...you get excited when you think about what this new little one will be like in 2 months, 6 months, and a year.

...you wonder how your family will be different with this new personality in it.

...as soon as you see those first smiles, you feel awake, beautiful, and hopeful again.

(Mommies, feel free to add to this list!)

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