Feb 10, 2011

I don't know how I can capture all of the sweet moments we've had in the last week or so...but here goes: 
Top 5 memories surrounding Elliott's birth:

1.  The Labor:  I was expecting it to be easier than Gabe's but it was really the best it could have been.  I knew Tuesday night I'd be going in on Wednesday.  My contractions had picked up a bit in intensity.  All night that night I dreamed about having contractions.  At 4:30am my water broke.  Jacob called his folks and we got around to go to the hospital.  10 minutes later, Jake's dad called and said they got stuck in a snow drift.  We tried to find someone to come sit at the house until they could get Gabe, but my contractions were picking up fast, and we had to take Gabe with us.  Got to the hospital at about 5:15am, and Elliott arrive at 6:32am.  My body just did what it was supposed to do, and I pushed him out!  It was amazing!  I got to see him as soon as he was out, and my body had minimal damage from the process.  The recovery has been quick!  Jacob and I were ecstatic at how well it all went.

2.  Gabe and Elliot meet:  I just watched the video of this again, and I look at myself, and I have never looked so happy.  Jacob said I was "radient".  I love my boys!

3.  Nursing:  Elliott is a champ at this.  I was really looking forward to doing this again, since it was kind of a stressful experience with Gabe.  Nursing is like giving Ell a big hug that last half an hour, several times a day. 

4.  Gabe's behavior:  At first, Gabe was away from us for awhile.  He was with grandparents during out hospital stay for 2 whole days, and then home for a couple of days, then with gramie again.  But when he was home, he was a different kid than before.  We have been hearing "no" a LOT.  This is typical for 2 years old, I know, but I can see his frustration.  When he is told no, or gets frustrated that a toy won't do what he wants, he claps his hands and spits.  This is brand new!  We are hugging and cuddling him a lot, but also keeping the boundaries in place.  He's had lots of spanks, too.
However, his potty training has taken off since Elliott has been here.  Go figure...

5.  Sleeping:  Aside from the first 2 or 3 days, this is going so well!  Elliott pretty much sleeps all night, except when he's eating.  I guess that is true of the day, too, now that I think about it.  =)  I miss him when he sleeps.

Well, I waiting too long to create this blog and I have already forgotten a lot.  I am really glad Ell is here!  Today has been my first day with both boys alone and it has gone very well, I think.  But I'm glad it's the last day Jake is gone for an away game.  I would prefer to have him home.  =)


  1. So glad to hear how things are going!

  2. So happy that everything is going so well! We miss you in class (except with all the stinkin' snow days we wouldn't have seen you anyways - haha, talk about good timing for your/our situation!), and the classes can't wait to meet Elliot! I did have to brag though, that I got to meet him before they did. Hahaha - teachers need their fun too ;) Glad things are going well, can't wait to see you! <3