Nov 30, 2010

Mama's Name?

I just asked Gabe what Mama's name is.  He said "Love You".

My sweet grandma is with Jesus.  I am so glad for her.  I had the BEST time seeing everyone at her funeral.  The whole experience what so positive for me.  Praise be to God.

Only about 2 more months and we'll have another little miracle to praise God for.  That is delightful!  We have been decorating and preparing for Christmas.  I really love this time of year.  I hope we can help Gabe understand the Father's great love for him, that while we were still sinners, Christ came to earth and died for us. 

We're off to Salina today for daipers, piano books and a Christmas present for my mom.  Most of my other shopping will be done online.  Easy!

Oh, and Gabe will be 2 in a week.  We got him this big tractor he can pedal himself.  He's going to FREAK OUT!  I am really pumped and most of Jake's fam will be there.  He'll love the attention.  He's such a happy and fun little boy.  I wonder how much his world will be rocked when we bring this other little one home...

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