Nov 1, 2009

Veggie Monster

Gabe gets really cuddly right before bed.  It's becoming my favorite time of day.  Now, when I give him eskimo kisses, he gives them back.  It's the best.

He has been so fantastically easy lately.  We had a couple of rough days a week or so ago with teething.  He now has 5 teeth.  Almost 6.  He has his eye teeth but not his two front teeth.  He had fangs for Halloween.  But that didn't really contribute to his Superman costume.

He is such a joy.  I love watching him play with Jacob.  Gabe is becoming a great playmate!  He laughs and participates so well!

Now, he enjoys showing us how big he is.  He puts two hands about his head.   He can high-five, shake his head "no", tell us when he's done eating, and walk holding onto just one hand.  He is sleeping really well and getting better and falling asleep in strange places.  When we drop him off in the nursery at Church or MOPS, he's so easy on his caretakers.  We are so blessed!

And tonight, I found out that he loves brocolli.  With cheese.

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