Oct 12, 2009

Can't Keep Up

I'm not doing a very good job keeping up.  Gabe is changing everyday.  I can hear him in the next room talking now.  I put his jumper to face the big window in the dinig room so he can look out while he plays in it.  He's chatting up a storm in there!

He's playing this new game with his dad where Jacob hides around the corner and plays peekaboo a few tims, them crawl toward Gabe and says "I'm gonna get you!"  Gabe laughs and then roll onto his back while he waits to Jacob to get him.  I don't know why he rolls over, but it's pretty hilarious!

The hardest part these days is the teething.  He's just a different baby when his mouth is bugging him.  At least, that's what I assume is the problem.  It's such a guessing game. 

I am watching another little baby girl everyday.  She's sweet and very easy.  Easier than Gabe was, I think.  And I'm praying about some things and waiting to see what the Lord will do.  Trying to practice keeping my hope anchored in Him.

This is Gabe playing piano with his friend Kate.  Budding musicians.

Gabe and his Daddy.

This is about the cutest picture he's ever taken.

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