Jan 27, 2013

Christmases #3 and #4 (Finally)

Blogspot wasn't letting me upload pics for awhile, so this was on hold.  So much to update...
Gabe was placed in the role of a wiseman in the Christmas program at our church.  He was definitely the littlest and the cutest.  Yes, that's a guitar.  He refused to put it down to carry the gift he was supposed to give baby Jesus.  So, so sweet.
Going to the Salina Symphony's Holiday performance has become a nice Christmas tradition.  This year, Grandma and Grandpa treated us to Red Lobster afterward.  We cherish our Sunday nights at the Symphony with them.
We spent our 3rd Christmas celebration at the farm with Jacob's Dad and family.  The boys got an awesome new gift!
Caroling at the nursing home.



And then, we went to Grammie Holly's for Christmas #4!
This is the best we got.

I love how much these boys love their uncles.


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  1. Such precious pictures!! And I think Jesus would appreciate a guitar as a gift :)