Dec 11, 2012

Christmas #1

Last weekend, we had an exciting trip to MO to visit my family. 
There, we celebrated Christmas, and 3 December birthdays. 
Never a dull moment with this mix of people.
Missouri is so pretty.

Gabe loves his Grandma Boo Boo!

This kid could throw rocks in the water for an hour.

Uncle Luke makes their dreams come true.

This little guy turned 4 on Saturday!

Birthday Breakfast.  Gabe requested Bacon.

Cutting the cake.

The boys loved being with Uncle Luke and his "Nice cousin."  (Girlfriend.)

And, finally, this is Ell traveling to church.  He blew out of his daiper and kicked off a boot on the way. 
He's ready for church!

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  1. I can't believe Gabe is four! That's so crazy! And that pic of him with Luke is so cute