Jan 31, 2012

My status? Survivied.

If I had updated my Facebook status about every 30 minutes today, it might have sounded something like this:

6:00am:  There are some VERY loud banging sounds coming from the boy's room.  And I'm pretty sure Gabe isn't awake yet.

6:30am:  So nice to have a warm, snuggly 3-year-old cuddling on the couch while I do my quiet time.

7:00am:  Super Dad:  Ready for work, dishing up breakfast while I accidentally fall back asleep.

7:30am:  Gabe: "Oh...that's an owl?  Oh goooooooooooooosh."

8:00am:  Elliott thinks food makes the best hair gel.

8:30am:  Ahhh...the sound of a tub of toys being dumped out. 

9:00am:  It is a great aid to my striving for self-control that it's IMPOSSIBLE to watch anything on Hulu when it's not naptime.

9:30am:  "Gabe, I want you to get your cars out of the bathroom or you will wake Elliott up."  "But I want to SEE you."

10:00am:  "Gabe, we are going to the library."  "Oh!  I love the library."  "Baby Ellie will be there.  Would you like to see her?"  "Yes!....kind of."

10:30am:  Miss Cheryl is really earning her paycheck today.  Only the mommies are listening to the story.  I think she's doing the fast-forward version.

11:00am:  Forgot that I packed Ell's bottle to drink at the library.  Was wondering why he was so fussy.

11:30am:  If my 3-year-old wants to army crawl/slide around on the floor in the adult section of the library, I really don't mind, as long as he's quiet.  Not a bad tradeoff if you ask me.

12:00pm:  10 minutes after I asked Gabe to stay close to the deck while playing out back, I hear his drums being played in the garage...attached to the front of the house.

12:30pm:  Mommies, someone once told me to use a cheese shredder to shred apples for babies who can't eat chunks of apples yet.  I just remembered this today and Ell is DEVOURING his apple.  Thought I'd pass it on.

1:00pm:  I'll admit, I don't know what I'd rather hear these days from Gabe:  "Mommy, I love you" ~or~ "I need to go potty."

1:30pm:  Our house is showing tomorrow.  Please pray that it sells!

2:00pm:  Washing machine broken:  laundromat with two toddlers, or handwash?

2:30pm:  "Gabe, did you bite your brother?"  "He was pretending he was food."

3:00pm:  Forgot the detergent...another $.75 a load...or load the boys back up to go get it?

3:30pm:  So proud!  The boys are on their BEST behavior!  They love watching all these front loader washers!

4:00pm:  Out of quarters...clothes are still wet.  Good thing the dryer isn't broken!

4:30pm:  ‎1 box of Elbow Macaroni dumped out on the kitchen floor. I have not lost my mind or my temper. Truly only the Lord could have changed my heart so I'm not yelling right now.

5:00pm:  Dumbo cued and dinner on the table.  Is that enough prep to keep the boys happy for 30 minutes?  Gotta teach a voice lesson.
5:30pm:  Love that Zoe Cooper.
6:00pm:  Washing out the "hair gel". 
6:30pm:  Look at that boy go!  Elliott has been walking everywhere!
7:00pm:  Gabe must be exhausted.  He is being so naughty!  Both boys to bed early.


  1. 2:30 pm is my favorite. Write that down. Oh wait, you did!

  2. Any time your washing machine breaks down again, come to my house and wash them. :) The kids can play and we can chat all while your clothes wash and dry.