Oct 20, 2011


Today I am a music teacher again.  We are watching a movie...anticlimactic.  But it's still so fun to be around the kids...Jr high is awesome.

Heading to see mom this weekend.  Should be a beautiful drive and I always look forward to the company.  8 uninterrupted hours each way with my best friend and handsome husband.  The leaves are turning for fall...it will be beautiful!  Hopefully we'll hike on Saturday.

I also love showing off my kids.  Mom hasn't seen them since June.  And I think they are super cute.  FUN Weekend!

Our house showed this morning.  Praying...

1 comment:

  1. Ah that explains where you'll be this weekend! Hope you have a great trip! And I'll be praying for your house to sell!
    So we'll just have to find another time other than this weekend to hang out! Any specific days of the week that are more free for you?