Sep 11, 2009

Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Gabe went from crawling to sitting today for the first time and I decided that I don't want to forget anything about these early days at home with him. So, we have a blog.

This time at home comes with joy and only a tiny bit of pain. It's a financial sacrifice, but relationally, we've hit the lotto. I love giving Gabe his bath and smelling him afterward, pushing him in the swing out back and trying to see if there is a new tooth in his mouth as his smile swings closer, and watching him light up when his dad gets home. And I love having Jacob home and relaxed and not scrambling to keep the house and the food in order after a long day at school. This is a good season.

Gabe was drumming on the djembe in the living room but now he's on his way in here to tell me about it. It's time for a nap. We're going to go have lunch with Daddy at school today.

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